Under the management of Meat Lovers. 

The New committee has its theme identified.

It is KISS

Keeping It Simple S.

Brisbane Thirsty is a drinking club with a running problem! 

It is a mixed gender club that runs on a Thursday night, meeting at 6:15 for a 6:30 start at various locations mainly on the north side. Runs are set to cater for runners & walkers. Bringing children or dogs is discouraged.

There is a run followed by a bucket and then a meal at a restaurant, café or pub, or occasionally a home run.

18 July 2024Run  1293

66 Lade St, Gaythorne

 Bitta Relief
25 July 2024Run  1294


 Kimasutra & Tinkerbell
1 August 2024Run  1295


Jingle Jangles

Membership fee is $35 for 6 months due and payable 25th April & 25th October each year.

Weekly cost of the bucket and run is $7.00 for members and $10.00 for non-members & visitors. This gets you 2 beers or other drinks, after which it is at your own cost, $3.00 per drink.


About time you set a run!!

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Brisbane Thirsty is usually a social club that does not have public liability insurance

Attendance at any of the Club's activities or functions is entirely at your own Risk